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Who We Are

About the beginnings


Industrias Químicas Oleosol S.A. has been on the market for fifty years and has been developing products for more then fifty years which are similar in quality and price to those produced in the most industrialized countries.

More than 50 years

Our History


Around the year 1950 the first agrochemical emulsifiable formulations were used in our country for plant and animal health. Since then, part of the chemical industry in Argentina has decided to become qualified in producing agrochemicals and developing the main inputs required for that purpose: active ingredients, emulsifiers, stabilizers, solvents, etc.

Since the active ingredients and agrochemical formulations are generally perishable, have a seasonal demand, and the amount needed depends on the weather and several other factors, it is extremely worthwhile for the companies that formulate and market agrochemicals, to have them developed in Argentina on demand and not having to keep large stocks of inputs or products, avoiding in this way the financial risk involved.


Our company, Industrias Químicas Oleosol S.A., started in 1961. In the early days we developed and marketed various chemicals, but from the very beginning our only goal was to work towards the development of emulsifiers for agrochemicals.


Around 1970, Industrias Químicas Oleosol S.A. was already able to provide the local market in Argentina with emulsifiers that were similar in its chemical composition and behavior to the imported ones. The domestic industry has produced since then several millions of liters of agrochemicals for plant and animal health with our emulsifiers..



Our Present

Industrias Químicas Oleosol S.A. has been exporting agrochemical emulsifiers for a long time to several countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela. These emulsifiers are used in our customers formulations which are exported to several other countries. Currently our company has a very important role in the national market of emulsifiers for plant protection and veterinary products, and works closely with companies which produce formulations, developing new products or adapting to the local needs formulations developed in other countries, to obtain the most satisfactory performance according to specific weather conditions in different areas, or to a particular way of use. In some cases we have collaborated in the development of formulations which did not exist in other countries and were needed in our environment. Many of the formulations we have developed over the years, by request of several multinational companies, have been approved after extensive testing at their headquarters and, in some cases, have been recommended to other subsidiaries in the world. In conclusion Industrias Químicas Oleosol S.A. has been on the market for more than fifty years and has been producing chemicals for more than forty years which are similar in quality and price to those produced in the most industrialized countries. Through these years, our company has provided jobs, both directly and indirectly to a great number of people and has been constantly increasing the use of domestic raw materials to manufacture our products. Besides, the most significant facts we developed with perseverance through these years are: to promote the independence of the agrochemical industry and to have always improved, so as to collaborate with the industrial development in our country.